Positive Nutrition: Mind Body Spirit
Positive Nutrition: Mind Body Spirit
Cultivating Wellness through Functional Nutrition and Creative Lifestyle Counseling



Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Consultations

Discover which foods and lifestyle approaches work best for your body.

Complex symptoms like pain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and other chronic symptoms can be frustrating to deal with and respond best to whole body approach. There is glut of information and opinions out there on what you should try and it can feel overwhelming. I am here to help you figure which foods and lifestyle approaches work best for your body.

I offer a unique, integrative approach because even though food is one of the major determinants of health, sometimes changing what you eat is not enough. I can support you in developing skills and techniques to cultivate calm so you can better deal with the big and little events of life.

Let’s work together to design a personalized, deliciously nourishing food and sustainable lifestyle plan with your goals in mind so you can feel more like yourself again. You deserve a plan just for you!



*Improved sleep so you can heal

*Increased energy to do what you love

*Decreased inflammation and pain so you can feel and move better

*Improved digestion to enjoy better overall health

*Renewed hope and joy to empower you

*Sense of calm to manage stress and build resiliency

*Overall reduction in symptoms of chronic illness

I offer face-to-face and HIPAA compliant teleconference sessions and packages for your specific needs