Positive Nutrition: Mind Body Spirit
Positive Nutrition: Mind Body Spirit
Cultivating Wellness through Functional Nutrition and Creative Lifestyle Counseling

Offerings for Your Body Mind + Spirit

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I wholeheartedly believe in the beautiful wisdom of the body to move towards balance when nourished with the right healing ingredients.

Since you are the expert in your own life, together we will co-create a personalized plan to reorient the body towards wellness. Think of it as establishing a new path on your map to healing. You may experience bumps and blips and even potholes along the way and that is normal. The journey is where the juice is. You will rediscover what matters most, what brings you joy and what nourishing foods and healthy habits work for you. And we will have fun along the way!  My approach is to weave functional nutrition with wellness coaching and mind body education. That means that what we do together is comprehensive, so vibrant health can radiate out into all areas of your life.I offer face-to-face and HIPAA compliant teleconference appointments with packages to meet your specific needs.

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Functional Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching Consultations

Discover which foods and lifestyle approaches work best for your body.


Mind-Body Medicine 8-Week

Online Group Program

Learn stress resiliency skills and regain your sense of calm and focus.


What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a client centered, personalized approach to restoring balance in the body so you can move towards pure vitality. We strive to understand why you are not feeling your best. We collaborate and design a delicious, healing food and lifestyle plan just for you and move at a pace that feels right. Rediscovering your sense of self and your deepest desires requires dreaming and visioning. Functional Medicine Coaching meshes the Functional Medicine integrative approach with Positive Psychology, the science of flourishing.

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