Jan was wonderfully thorough as she coached me through a difficult transition period. With great compassion, she guided me so that I could identify daily habits that were affecting my ability to sleep and make healthy food choices. We set realistic weekly goals and she provided practical diet guidelines. With her passion for food, she also provided an array of delicious recipes tailored to my needs. I am so thankful for Jan! Her whole body, integrated approach was just what I needed to embrace a healthy lifestyle and enjoy food again.
— WH

After experiencing horrible abdominal pain, I was tested for and diagnosed with having H. pylori. As a result, I developed painful ulcers. I was also so very fatigued and depressed. We worked on replacing nutrients which immediately improved my energy level and my mood. We also came up with a plan to heal the lining of my stomach. Through our work together and Jan’s expertise and compassionate care, I restored my health and I am enjoying foods that I didn’t think I’d be able to eat again.
— RB

I found Jan very knowledgable, with a warm, non-judgmental approach. She was prepared every time we met, and also flexible with ideas. I understand that for some this approach my be difficult, but so it was so rewarding at the end. Jan will give you “the wiggle room” to get where you need to be! Thank you so much, Jan!
— AF

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, my thyroid TPO was elevated, and I was overwhelmed as I was moving through my early menopause. After working with Jan for a bit, my blood tests looked better. I lost some weight, started to sleep better, started working on myself, and on other parts of my life. Working with Jan allowed me to take a closer look at my lifestyle and I discovered what was really important for me be healthy and happy. I started running again, I now meditate, have deepened my yoga practice and am more aware of what I put in my body and why.
— AF

I was having some serious inflammation issues and had a persistent, itching rash on my calves for months. My nerves were pretty depleted and I was experiencing anxiety about my health. Jan and I worked together for several months and I was able to get my diet cleaned up and implement some lifestyle changes. The rash went away and I felt much better. I now have a toolbox of resources to choose from, when I sense old habits and patterns cropping up. Jan is sensitive, intuitive and very knowledgeable about health and wellness. I am grateful for her help and the time we worked together.
— MN

I came to see Jan on the recommendation of a friend who was struggling with some of the same issues that I was, post menopausal weight gain (mostly in the belly) and high cholesterol. In addition, I had insomnia and fatigue. Jan impressed me with her knowledge in so many areas related to my particular problems and goals. She worked with me to incorporate changes that were doable for my life style and schedule. If something did not work out for me she always had another suggestion to try. I am now sleeping 7-8 hours every night (as opposed to 4-6), have lost weight and have improved energy levels. I am continue to work with her on my weight loss journey but now have the tools to implement easily into my life to eat and sleep better so that I have steady energy throughout the day.
— CB